1903 Herisau

1903 Herisau Shooting Medal              1903 Herisau Shooting Medal
Actual 45 mm size by W.C. Rietmann, Herisau

At Obverse. Helvetia, goddess personification of the Suisse Confederacy, gracefully presented in elegant caped gown. Her mane flowing in the wind, right arm raised, hand points towards the Suisse Cross, the rays stylised brilliantly diverging all directions. Reminiscence of the legendary Rütlischwur oath, freedom and independence conferred upon, the unity and brotherhood.

She brings the honours of laurels, trophy bestows to the winner of the inter cantonal free shot compete by the Suisse Confederation. The champion shooter knelt in ready reverence acceptance.

Olden Schwänberg town hall, heritage origins of hamlet Herisau, with the enduring alpine mountains in the backdrop, all spectators to the Grand Schützenfest.

"500 years prior to the year, true remembrance of momentous Battle of Vögelinseg 1403, the lone Appenzell allies with Old Suisse Confederacy, leading the first attacks, vanquished the large army of the Swabian League. The league lost 600 horsemen and over 5'000 infantry over the Confederacy combine army of just 2'600. Appenzell freed from the yoke of tyranny."

Reminiscence of Wohlen distinguish past of fashioning finest straw braid hats exports to the world.

Straw, a modest material, was the basis of a flourishing industry in this area for two centuries. What had started as home work gradually evolved into the export-oriented hat braid industry.


At Reverse. Proud blazon coat of arms, noble bear of Appenzell, derived from the arms of the Abbey of St. Gallen in 1403, rests on a intricate ornate bed of flowers, aplenty along the locality of Her famed alpine trails. 

Ascetically appealing Schützenmedaillen, commemorates the freedom and independence of 1403.



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