1892 Glarus

 1892 Glarus Shooting Medal          1892 Glarus Shooting Medal

Actual 45 mm size by Huguenin, Le Locle.

At Obverse. Helvetia, the goddess personification of the Suisse Confederacy, raising her left hand, and points into the heavens, reminding all the Oath, right hand firmly upon a defence shield bearing the Suisse coat-of-arms.

An enactment of the legendary Rütlischwur oath, an important symbol for independence and freedom, the Suisse remembrance for everlasting peace, unity and the brotherhood of all in the Confederacy.

Helvetia reflects the proud will of the canton of Glarus, member fellowship oath in 1352 as the first of the foundational eight cantons (Acht Orte). 

Schützenfest held in 1892 Glarus, celebrates first year since the pinnacle event of 600th Anniversary of the first unifying oath-takers in 1291. Inspiring the start of the Old Suisse Confederacy.

At background, old forests and mountains as bear silent witness, hence the significance of the inscription as clearly translates “Remember That of your Fathers”.

Remember forever the heroic deeds of your forefathers.
At Reverse. Presents the emblem of the free city of Glarus resting within an intricately elaborate branches of the winner’s laurels of the  Schützenfest.



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