1891 Bremgarten

1891 Bremgarten Shooting Medal         1891 Bremgarten Shooting Medal

Actual 45 mm size by Hughes Bovy, L. Furet, Genf E. / Robert Dorer, Baden

At Obverse. Hans von Hallwyl, distinguished Suisse army commander. 

Shield at right, bearing the coat of arms, of free noble family - Lords of Hallwyl, boldly etched on armoured breastplate, kindred sword sheathed, howbeit ready always by His side.  

Fought at the Battle of Grandson, 2nd March with the Suisse Confederates bestowing a humiliating defeat onto the expansionist plans of Charles de Bold, Duke of Burgundy.

Most notable for major part in the Old Suisse Confederacy's crushing victory at the Battle of Morat, 22nd Jun 1476 against the well armed Charles' and his allied Jacques de Savoie armies, totalling of 25'000 French, Italian, English, well-armed mercenaries, heavy calvary (gendarmes), artillery cannons.

 In the battle that transpired, compact formations of the Confederacy prevailed over Burgundian army, annihilating more than 1/3 of Charles' once great army, 9'000-10'000 killed. And received no quarters or any mercy by the Suisse. The Burgundians were routed and hunted down mercilessly, Suisse reported losses of only 410 fellow confederates.

A bloody debt repaid in full by the united Confederacy, in return for Charles de Bold Burgundians butchery of the Suisse garrison at castle Grandson.   

Divine rays of illumination forth from the heavens, His raised hand to the heavens, the oath in reminiscent of the legendary Rütlischwur, everlasting symbol of Suisse cohesion, for victories against all invaders, mightiness in the collective brotherhood of the Confederacy.

 "Mit Gott Zum Sieg" - "With God to Victory"

At Reverse. Noble Lion emblem of city Bremgarten, venue of the free-shot compete, stands above the coat of arms of kanton Aargau, atop of a pair of Suisse shooting rifles. Winner's wreath of champions, intricately ornate design, of the grand Schützenfest of 1891.

"Castle Grandson - Suisse sources unanimous in stating the castle garrison men only gave up, mistakenly believing reinforcements were not coming, and facing impossible army of over 20'000 - heavy cannons that devastates castle walls. Trusting assurance from Charles de Bold, they would be spared, they open the gates of the castle. Then, He ordered all 412 men of the garrison to be summarily executed...

In a scene Panigarola, the historian who was at present at the side with Charles, described the scenes as "shocking and horrible" and sure to fill the Suisse with dread, all the victims were led past the tent of Charles on 28 February 1476 and hanged from trees, or drowned in the lake, in an execution that lasted four hours.

Battle of Grandson - After Suisse Confederates reinforcements arrived, drove the Burgundians off, humiliated the greatest duke in Europe, defeated one of the most feared armies, and taken a most impressive amount of treasure. The booty Charles carried with him was immense, and included jewellery, silver and gold plate, tapestries and much of Charles' artillery, then the Suisse troops came upon the bodies of their countrymen still hanging from trees.

An eyewitness, Peterman Etterlin, described the scene: "There were found sadly the honourable men still freshly hanging on the trees in front of the castle whom the tyrant had hanged. It was a wretched, pitiable sight. There were hung ten or twenty men on one bough. The trees were bent down and were completely full. Here hanged a father and a son next to each other, there two brothers or other friends. And there came the honourable men who knew them; who were their friends, cousins and brothers, who found them miserably hanging. There was first anger and distress in crying and bewailing. ..."

Charles had attempted to break the will of the Swiss by killing any of their countrymen he could apprehend. Instead he united them as never before. When the Burgundians met the Swiss at the Battle of Murten, the Suisse Confederacy annihilated his army."

Schützenmedaillen remembrance of heroic deeds of Hans von Hallwyl, and the very significant battle events of 1476, Suisse Confederacy driven to unite then ever before in ardent defense their homelands during the Burgundian Wars.



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