1886 La Chaux-de-Fonds

1886 La Chaux-de-Fonds Shooting Medal         1886 La Chaux-de-Fonds
Actual 45 mm size by Edouard Durussel, Berne

At Obverse. Helvetia the goddess personification of the Old Confederation, adorned Suisse Cross on flowing gown, an embroidered cape, Her flowing mane, elegance and grace shown well.

Fixity of purpose, leadership to Her cantons, towers motherly over youngling of the Confederacy, reflecting of youthfulness potential and pride. With vigilant watchful eye, left arm level and point eastwards, rallying the shot of champions. 

Left hand, lends the proud blazon coat of arms La Chaux-de-Fonds. Confederacy youngling, in attired lovely tunic finery, heedful of Lady Helvetia decree, yields in ardent concentration by calibrated aim eastwards.

At background seen of lands origin of city homes. Far settings, the mountain alps ranges, silent witnesses to encounters herein.

Inscriptions of "Nos Bras Et Nos Ceours La Patrie !" - "Our Arms and Our Hearts, For the Homeland"

"500 years beyond (1386), at Battle of Sempach, ends forever peril by Habsberg House at eastern front by the unified Confederacy."

At Reverse. Couplet blazons the coat of arms - both emblems of the Suisse Confederacy, and of the Neuchâtel, fellowship side by side, upon the crossing of champions' rifles matched paired set, marking the great shot compete.

Centre raising proudly beyond, the arms of Sankt Gallen - quintessential allegory for freedom after the French Revolution, cronicles the peaceful Neuchâteloise revolution (1848), then monarchy to canton republic, as also consequential establishment of Suisse Confederacy federation.

Below the arms lay the victorious goblet trophy from of intertwined branches - left laurels and at right flowers of the canton, victors' garlands on the winners of the grand Schützenfest. 




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