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Emporium-Antiquities.com was founded on 1st December, 2015 !!

Emporium-Antiquities.com is a new Singaporea-based eShop website.

We started as a numismatic site aimed at interconnecting fellow numismatists to the sharing of coins, medals and other collectibles. In addition, this site also aims to provides fellow collectors another avenue in acquiring, trading, and collecting of rare & scarcely available numismatic collectible materials.

The traditional numismatic market within Singapore is very localised into specialty stores around the island.  However with the emergence of technology, we could extend the retail experience towards also being an online community of collectors having a discussion site to enjoy and learning together more about regional and global numismatic materials that are not so readily available locally. 

A true numismatist should be constantly engaging and learning across a multitude of materials, always be open minded to understand and learn the historical significance behind the collectibles of specific coins, medals, tokens etc.

As this hobby progresses, we will be able to appreciate other aspects of coin collection like understanding the process of coin minting, the craftsmanship of coin and medal design and the interesting history of how these coins came about. Greater knowledge will clearly help hobbyists and numismatists to more accurately benchmark and define the collection's true relative value in the Singapore and Global marketplace.

With this in mind, Emporium-Antiquities.com hopes to contribute to these FOUR key objectives

1. Bring recommendations, awareness and knowledge of not only traditional circulating coins, but also other beautiful coins, medals & non-coins materials such as other tokens, and unusual trade currencies. 
2. Give detailed descriptions of our collectibles in our website, including where possible its history and mintage, so that you will have a greater appreciation of the items and investment value over time.
3. Provide an avenue for lively discussions, exchanges, learning & sharing of collection & collecting experiences together. (*Future plan to implement)
4. eCommerce site where like-minded numismatist can acquire good quality rare Coins & Medals. We are also open to the possibility of consignment selling services for your collector's materials.
Finally, may you be a beginner in numismatics, an expert or just curious, we enjoy working towards providing you with the numismatic materials that are unusual and differentiated from the "same-o" inventory offers of the typical traditional coin-reseller shops we see in Singapore today.

We are just starting up... Thank you!! - by Emporium Antiquities


Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or help required @  Emporium.Antiquities@gmail.com
As a new startup in the numismatic world, we truly appreciate all the support we can get.
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