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Emporium-Antiquities.com is a purveyor and trader of numismatic rarities.  Our collections include world coins and banknotes of Asian and Western origins as well as interesting exonumia artefacts. We provide personalised, specialty services in estate collection appraisal and auction sales, and have collaborated with many new and established collectors  in their numismatic journeys. 

The traditional marketplace today

The current traditional numismatist marketplace for Singapore is actually rather localised & isolated, and is typically driven by the very traditional local dealers & resellers focusing towards only a few narrow specialty collection genres i.e. Singapore, Malaysia, Straits, China etc. 

There are definitely opportunities existing today, for collectors to expand their numismatic horizons into other unique collection specialties and genres with the emergence of technology that eases the sharing of information, raising awareness, and interconnect true numismatists together globally.

An exciting journey of collecting: the mind of a true numismatist

The truly enthusiastic numismatists will want to learn across a multitude of collectible materials and rarities. They are inquisitive, open minded, always learning and understanding the different types of collectible numismatic materials and their specific historical significance.
In addition, such numismatists will wish to know other aspects of collecting, such as the evolutionary processes of minting methods, their craftsmanships & design-meanings of these coins, medals, tokens, banknotes or any other exonumia that will appeal to them.
The greater knowledge attained will promote the enlightened numismatists to  both be confident and knowledgeable towards benchmarking and appreciating the true latent value of the rare collectible materials past simply monetary terms.
This will most certainly deliver many more enjoyable and educational experiences across the collection journey of the numismatist.

We hope the detailed descriptions we have in presenting our material will help the numismatist formulate a well-research personal philosophy towards their collection.

Emporium-Antiquities.com strives to deliver on 3 key objectives

1. Bring recommendations, awareness and knowledge not only on traditional circulating coins, banknotes, but also many other exciting uncommon numismatist & exonumia materials such as medals, tokens, jetons,  & unusual trade currencies. 
2. Provide detailed descriptions, such as history and mintage, so that visitors will have a greater appreciation of the listed materials, making the site to be a valuable resource contributing to education and learnings for collectors.
3. Secure eCommerce where like-minded numismatist can acquire great value numismatist materials that are uncommon to find in typically traditional dealer shops. 
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