1901 Luzern

1901 Luzern Shooting Medal          1901 Luzern Shooting Medal          
Actual 45 mm size by Hans Frei, Basel.

At Obverse. Helvetia, the goddess personification of Suisse Confederacy, dressed in Her battle armour. Emblem of the Suisse Cross proudly across Her breastplate. 

She casts a watchful gaze eastwards at her foes, the larger empires that stands at Her borders, able and always threatening to annex Her free cantons.

Helvetia, always ready,  alert, and prepared to steadfast defend and protect the civil liberties of the Confederacy’s.

Olive branch adorn helm that shields Her long flowing mane well. Symbolising Her iron-willed apparent, and Her fierce resolve to be the resolute defender of peace and freedom.

Background, the Schlachtkapelle (Battle Chapel) stands witness on the site of Sempach battlegrounds. Rememberance of the great battle of Sempach (1386), the unity and  heroics of soldiers from Lucerne and central Suisse Confederacy (Uri, Schwyz & Unterwalden) battled to secure their precious freedom and independence against odds and expectations.  A united Suisse Confederacy delivers the crushing defeat upon the invading Habsburg army from the east lunder Duke Leopold of the great Austrian duchy.

At Reverse. Lucerne coat-of-arms laying gently atop of the Suisse Cross, important symbol of of the canton’s forever faith and trust on the unity, strength and protection offered by being a fellowship member of the Suisse Confederacy. 

The ornate left of shield detailing a intricate flora design which marks of the canton’s lineage. Together, they nest cradled onto laurel branches of the Lucerne ashen tree. Lucerne is a proud forest canton of the Old Confederacy.

Not without justification, the Battle of Sempach came to be seen as the decisive turning point between the Foundation of the confederacy as a loose pact in the 14th century, and its growth into a significant political and military power during the 15th century. 

A highly significant and meaningful historical Schützenmedaillen.



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