1891 Morges

Actual 45 mm size by Hughes Bovy, Louis Furet, Geneva

At Obverse. "La Justice" of Hôtel de ville de Morges, sword-hand of city blazon standard arms, watches off Her blindfold, balance-hand of inner shield, innocence of child at task half-etching the most welcome to all, of the glorious  "Tir Cantonal" - The great shooting compete of host canton Vaud at Morges.

 Grandeur of Mont Blanc, of Geneva lake near distance across, bears perpetual silent watcher of of all historical chronicles, now forthcoming times of the great significant contest will arrive.

Since of medievel 1286, the magnificient Château du Morges of prestige lineage - noble House of Savoy, yet one more noteworthy witness of this glorious event.

Of fabled birth since Roman times, of firmly traced 11th century roots the Benedictine and Cistercian monasteries may have nurtured, produce of Chasselas blanc grapes, from most famed Lavaux vineyard terraces, picturesque tranquility awaiting to be served.

From 18th-19th century age, prominent drivers of commerce then, working tools of tannery guilds depicted left lowest fringe, trade heritage of industries of ages long illustrious past.

At Reverse. Blazon of the Old Suisse Confederation, above the couplet blazons the coat-of-arms -  emblems of Canton Vaud, & Morges alongside, specimens of extensive weaponry of Château du Morges.

Nested upon remnants of victory laurels, decorated trophy to winners of shot compete.



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