1902 Zug

Actual 45 mm size by Franz Homberg, Bern
At Obverse. Zug standard-bearer of patronymic Kolin, venerable reverence of one and the same kinsmen, that campaigned then most valorously at the great Battle of Arbedo 1422 past, with distinction to Zug thou victory thwarted.
And 1541, Zug council inaugurated Kolinbrunnen, well-fountain of standing upon the statuette - Kolin banner-man holding the grand Zug flag and colors, in Lindenbrunnen (Linden Square). Perhaps of Kolin family, of possible  by latter descent the Wolfgang Kolin, eminent standard-bearer and architect, of historical Hotel Ochsen built 1543, at there front stands the well-fountain.
Of background, imposing landmark Zytturm clock-tower, 52 meters reaches above, of 360 degree visibility purest at epitome, construct via Gothic St. Oswald Church 1478-1480, master-builder architect Hans Felder snr. of Bavaria.
Servant of many deeds over centuries past, secure access to city locked every night, as a prison, of watchtower to detect fires at earliest stages, and time-telling since first inaugural birth of 1480, thou of current larger clock now present only since 1574. Astronomical clock function of four hands, with sun, moon, arrow and S, indicate month, phase of mood, day of week, and leap year. Fastest all of the week hand, every day it passes over one of the seven deities whom names the days have been derived.

At Reverse. Cross emanates stylized rays, allegory of the Old Suisse Confederation providing everlasting brotherhood and protection to all confederacy, above the proud blazon Zug emblem of arms.
 Enwreathing laurels of victory, bequeathing upon the winners of the shot
"Huetet euch em Morgarten" - "Look at Morgarten"
The Battle of Morgarten occurred on 15 November 1315, when a 1,500-strong force from the Swiss Confederacy ambushed a group of Habsburg soldiers on the shores of Lake Ägeri near the Morgarten Pass in Switzerland. The Swiss, led by Werner Stauffacher, defeated the Habsburg troops, who were under the command of Duke Leopold I. The Swiss victory consolidated the Everlasting League of the Three Forest Cantons, which formed the core of modern Switzerland.



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