1887 Genève

1887 Geneva Shooting Medal          1887 Geneva Shooting Medal
Actual 45 mm size by H. Bovy, C. Richard, E. Lossier, Geneva

At Obverse. Musketeer watch-guard, sword at scabbard, parallels to distinguished hero of the past - Isaac Mercier, at vigilance of a march on the Old City walls rampart, safeguards the precious independence and faithful liberties Genève enjoys unfailingly.

A famed olden cannon of Genève, reminisce historical defending brave citizens' victorious use, repelling L'Escalade (attack by House of Savoy conquering attempt of 1602). Never forgets ever, the fragilities of Her freedom that day.

 Backdrop, held up the coat-of-arms, depicts both origins, the Imperial Eagle and a key of St. Peter (proudly symbolising the status of Genève as Reichsstadt and as episcopal seat, respectively), in use since the 15th century.

Far background, gothic Saint Pierre Cathedral, the medieval seat of the prince-bishop of the Diocese of Genève since the 4th-century, bears silent witness of proud episodes across Her illustrious history. 

In ardently passionate defence of Her sovereignty (as the great House of Savoy perceptually threatens Her annexation), 1519 She allies with Freibourg, 1526 allies with Bern, 1584  forms an alliance with the Swiss cantons. Eventually, 1814 Canton of Genève formally becomes part of the Suisse Confederation.

Inscriptions of “Tout Pour La Patrie” - “All for the Motherland”. 

At Reverse. The coat of arms of the Confederacy, lays upon the city of Genève,  crowned Imperial Eagle arising spread wings and with talons at ready, a key of St. Peter, promises their unity and ready defence of common freedom and independence, lays on branches of the winner's laurels. Rays stylised under the radiance diverge in all directions honouring blazon. 

Genève is protected as a member of the Suisse Conferation. The Suisse Confederation is strengthened by the joining and unity of Genève.

Radiating rays of strength in unification and togetherness.

Inscription of “Un Tous Pour ~ Pour Tous Un” - “One for All ~ All for One”.

A beautiful Schützenmedaillen presented with historical milestones of  Genève leading up to be an important part of the Suisse Confederation.



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