1890 Frauenfeld

1890 Fruenfeld Shooting Medal          1890 Fruenfeld Shooting Medal
Actual 45 mm size by Hughes Bovy, Genf.
At Obverse. Helvetia the goddess personification of the Suisse Confederacy., lifts Her shield steady of protection over a seated maiden, her sword drawn and at-ready always to defend all members of Her Confederacy. She looks steely towards the east, a warning to enemies.
The maiden looks up to Her, nude above, indicating she is at infancy with great potential of being a strong member of the Confederacy, yet however, her current vulnerabilities shown. Her left hand rests upon the shield coat-of-arms of Thurgau, depicting her origins. Her right arm lays on her toil, the finest agricultural harvests she offers willingly to the Confederacy.
Helvetia encourages Thurgau to joins the Suisse Confederacy, be forever united under Her shelter and protection.
The inscriptions ‘Heil Dir Helvetia’ –  ‘Salvation to you Helvetia’ 
The historical Frauenfeld Castle, site of the canton's foundings past Her humble beginnings from that fortified tower mills and chapel, impose silent witness the illustrious chronicles of Thurgau across many passages of time.
Their feet, year '1803' traces the formal joining of Thurgau as a unity of the Suisse Confederacy (Act of Mediation). 
At Reverse. An intricately ornate shield-of-arms presenting the traditionally dressed maiden leashes a lion, showcasing the ‘Women’s Field’ proud emblem of capital city Frauenfeld of Thurgau. Nestling atop a cradle of branches of the winner's laurels, and four sharpshooter rifles crossed arms.
A lone shooting eyeglass appears evidently from behind the top-right of the shield-crest indicating the winner’s accuracy of the shot.
A highly historical Schützenmedaillen commemorates the anniversary of Thurgau joining the Suisse Confederacy.



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