1899 Wohlen

1899 Wohlen Shooting Medal1899 Wohlen         
Actual 45 mm size by Franz Homberg, Bern / K. Rauber

At Obverse. Aargau Suisse traditional maiden at the loom, weaving straw plaiting. 

Reminiscence of Wohlen distinguish past of fashioning finest straw braid hats exports to the world.

Straw, a modest material, was the basis of a flourishing industry in this area for two centuries. What had started as home work gradually evolved into the export-oriented hat braid industry.

"Wohlen became known for its straw industry, which began as a modest cottage industry over 300 years ago as a scheme against poverty in the overpopulated village, and in the 19th and 20th centuries grew into an export-oriented hat-braiding industry generating thousands of jobs. Factories were built and machine-made hats were sold all over the world, Braid dealers became successful agents and the farming village a 'Little Paris'." 

Inscriptions at Left, "Durch Fleiss" - "By Diligence"

Inscriptions at Right, "zum Fortschritt" - "To Progress"

At Reverse. Proud blazon coat of arms of the Wohlen, above large crossbow. Three stars significance of the parishs, Niederwil, Göslikon, Villmergen, serve citizens across the passage of time.

Background, the cityscape of the olden Wohlen. 

Schützenmedaillen paying homage on the rich artisanal past of Wohlen export industry of fashion hat braiding.







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