1865 Schaffhausen

Actual 51 mm size by Hartwig, Offenbach am Main


Raising their right Schwurhand – an oath gesture in traditional depictions of the Rütlischwur.

Three Landamänner (canton chiefs) nobles; One of Walter Fürst of Uri, One of Werner Stauffacher of Schwyz, and One of Arnold von Melchtal of Unterwalden.

Three founding fathers, hereby known as "Three Tells" - Trust in utmost kinship, of everlasting unity and brotherhood of men.

Three Oath Takers, resolutely staunch in fervent beliefs and devotion, to the foundational birth of Old Swiss Confederacy, through solemn utterance of virtuous principles and values of the legendary Rütlischwur Oath.


"Wir Wollen Sein Ein Einig Volk Von Bruedern" - "We want to be one a united people of brothers"

"In Keiner Noth Uns Trennen Und Gefahr" - "In no need of us separating and danger"


Couplet crossing of Perkussionsstutzer rifle-carbines of clearly the sharpshooters' choice, from the cross, hanging off, glorious resounding horns of victory, and intertwined tassel cords of everlasting faith in brotherhood unity.

Enwreathing pair of laurel and oaken flora branches, winner’s garland for bequeathing upon all champions of the shot.


The Rütlischwur the legendary oath taken at the foundation of the Old Swiss Confederacy by the representatives of the three founding forest cantons, Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden, traditionally dated to 1307. It is named for the site of the oath-taking, the Rütli, a meadow above Lake Uri near Seelisberg.

This oath of the mentioned three representatives namely Walter Fürst of Uri, Werner Stauffacher of Schwyz and Arnold von Melchtal of Unterwalden, took place in Walter Fürst's house in Altdorf and basically consists of a promise to meet again on 1 August on the Rütli meadow and to bring with them leading and brave men of the three cantons to decide upon a common action plan.

Rütlischwur German wording

Approximate English translation

Wir wollen sein ein einzig Volk von Brüdern,
in keiner Not uns trennen und Gefahr.
Wir wollen frei sein, wie die Väter waren,
eher den Tod, als in der Knechtschaft leben.
Wir wollen trauen auf den höchsten Gott
und uns nicht fürchten vor der Macht der Menschen.

We want to be a single People of brethren,
Never to part in danger nor distress.
We want to be free, as our fathers were,
And rather die than live in slavery.
We want to trust in the one highest God
And never be afraid of human power.


The founding fathers of the three oath takers or Eidgenossen during the 16th century became also known as "the Three Tells".

In memory of, the legendary Rütlischwur Oath of everlasting unity and brotherhood of men by the “Three Tells” - founding fathers of the Old Suisse Confederacy, namely the leader-representatives of the three forest cantons, Walter Fürst of Uri, Werner Stauffacher of Schwyz, and Arnold von Melchtal of Unterwalden.







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