1896 Baden

1896 Baden Shooting Medal1896 Baden Shooting Medal
Actual 45 mm size by Franz Homberg, Bern


Virtuous fair maiden, humility is her dress and goodness is her crown of glory. Her halo is delicately etched with the words “Sancta Verena”. Here stands Saint Verena, venerated saint of the Roman Catholic Church.

Her right arm cradles a water jug of healing and her delicate hand holds a comb, as always portrayed of Verena, her symbols of care and love to her wards.

Her name 'Verena' represents 'the good fruit', as seen on the crest of the shield she rests her hand upon – a fertile grapevine bearing the fruit of her labour. As the revered patron saint for the care of the poor, sick, lepers and young girls, many also regard her as the venerable mother of all nuns of Europe.

Standing silently in the background is the Old Baden town, the ruins of ancient Stein Castle, historical City Church and aged roof houses, all witnesses to her virtuous deeds of kindness to the neglected and marginalised.

Baden’s legendary mineral hot springs, famous since the Roman era, first attested as the place of Aque Helveticae - "Waters of the Helvetii". Since ancient times, these healthful waters were selectively employed for healing certain ailments, for medicinal use, as well as for recreational and religious use. 


Vorwärts Fest U Treu! - Forward Firmly Faithful!


Centre of the Old Suisse Confederation Cross, from which stylised rays diverge in all directions.

On the left, the proud Aargau Cantonal blazon, couplet right, the Baden city coat of arms, the venue of the Grand Shooting Festival. A pair of Swiss shooting rifles, a heritage crossbow quiver of arrow, a winner’s floral wreath – icons of the beloved Festival.


Saint Verena joined the Theban legion in its mission to Rhaetia (modern day Switzerland) as relative of Saint Victor of the Theban legion. The Soldiers' relatives were allowed to accompany them in order to look after them and take care of their wounds. When Saint Maurice, Saint Victor and the entire Theban legion were martyred, Saint Verena led a lonely and hermit life. She settled in a place called Solothurn, later moved into a cave near present day Zurich.

She used to fast and pray continuously. Moreover, God performed several miracles through her. She was particularly concerned over young girls and used to look after them spiritually and physically, due to her expertise as a nurse. Saint Verena was also interested in serving the poor and used to offer them food. Moreover, she enjoyed serving the sick, especially those suffering from leprosy. She used to wash their wounds and put ointments on them, not fearing infection. 

As a result of her fame, the ruler there arrested her and sent her to jail. Saint Maurice appeared to console and strengthen her. After her release, she moved into several regions, and God worked several miracles through her prayers. Due to her, many converted to Christianity. At the time of departure of Saint Verena from our world, the Most Holy Virgin Mary appeared to console and strengthen her. Saint Verena of the Theban legion departed on the 4th day of the Coptic month Thout (September 14), 344 AD

Schützenmedaillen, in holy reverence of the kindness and many caring deeds of the venerable Saint Verena, and in recognition of the legendary healing mineral waters of Baden.








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