1888 Interlaken

1888 Interlaken Shooting Medal1888 Interlaken Shooting Medal
Actual 45 mm size by Hughes Bovy, E. Lossier, Genf


Adrian von Bubenberg, hero of the Battle of Murten 1476, renowned Bernese knight, astute military commander, and fair mayor (Schultheiss) of Bern, stands tall as the standard-bearer of the city’s famed blazon of the striding bear. Upon the Swiss Cross, stylized rays emanating the cherished virtues of independence and free rights, celebrating the brotherhood of the Confederation.

His right hand rests upon the shield depicting the coat of the arms of Aarmühle (honorific of olden Interlaken), correspondingly etched proudly on his breastplate. His sword in its sheath but ever ready to be drawn, when danger strikes.

In the background lies the ancient Bernese Alps ranges and the Jungfrau towers, silent witnesses to numerous fateful deeds and brave encounters. Nestled among the Interlaken landscape stands the revered monastery, Augustinerchorherrenstift, anchor of the fast-growing settlement.


HIE BERN, HIE EIDGENOSSEN! - Here you are, Bern!

- Murten 1476


Triune blazon coat of arms - top emblem of the Cross, declaration of brotherhood within the Confederacy, with left placement of the heraldic striding bear (personification of Bern canton), and right placement of the great horned ram crest of Aarmühle (renamed Interlaken in 1891).

Six sharpshooters’ of prized choice Perkussionsstutzer Modell 1851 carbine-rifles crossed in unity resting upon the victor’s garland of the grand Schützenfest competition.  


"Adrian von Bubenberg was born as the son of Heinrich IV von Bubenberg, Schultheiss of Bern and lord of Spiez, whom he succeeded in 1465. He was greatly admired and portrayed in literature as the ideal of knightly virtue and of patriotism.

Numerous times before and after the Burgundy wars, he led Bernese negotiations with other cantons of the old Suisse Confederacy and foreign powers including Savoy, Burgundy, France, and Holy Roman Empire. But his heroic stature in Swiss history is due to his tenaciously staunch defiance against seemingly insurmountable odds during the siege of Murten.

He had been appointed commander of the city garrison in April 1476, and was vastly outnumbered 10:1 - He has 2'500 garrison defenders vs. 25'000 well-armed Burgundians.

The city was besieged for thirteen days in June by the troops of Charles de Bold, Duke of Burgundy, and Bubenberg astutely led and commanded the bulwark defenders repeatedly in the face of continuous fierce attacks, until finally relieved by confederate forces on 22 June, leading to the decisive crushing defeat of Charles. The entire enemy's army was vanquished completely — of which some 10,000 Burgundians were killed, hunted down along the shore and driven into the lake. As promised, no quarter was granted.

Since then, Murten celebrates the great victory every year on June 22."

In memory of the patriotic knightly deeds of Adrian von Bubenberg, and the very significant battle event of 22nd June 1476 - Siege of Morat, of his astute and staunch defense of the city garrison during the Burgundian Wars, against Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy.








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