1895 Winterthur

1895 Winterthur Shooting Medal          1895 Winterthur Shooting Medal
Actual 45 mm size by Georges Hantz, Genf / H. Wildermuth, Winterthur.

At Obverse. Maiden of Winterthur seated atop a veranda of the olden Semper Stadthaus (great Town Hall constructed 1865-69), across grand Opernhaus (built 1891), at backdrop the imposing Adlisberg silently bearing witness of Old Zürich all history across the passing of time. 

Overlooking the Sechseläutenwiese, the city's celebratory meadow square, Her hand held a single olive branch eastwards. An everlasting offer of peace to Her adversaries perpetually anticipates at the fringes. Flowing robes down from waist elegantly, gently safeguards modesty, an expression of Her vulnerabilities alone, pining for safe haven.

Her yearning is well received, with the Swiss Cross rays stylised brilliantly diverging all directions in the heavens above, forever bestowing forth the everlasting protection, freedom and independence conferred upon by the Old Suisse Confederation.

Strengthening the hand of Winterthur, Her calling for peace always.

At Reverse. Presentation of  the winner’s wreath decorated around the Lindenhof, an elderly moraine hill, the site of the Roman and Carolingian era Kaiserpfalz around which the city has historically grown.

Historical monuments of Grossmünster, (Great Minister) Romanesque-style Protestant church, and Fraumünster, (Women's Minster) towers over the cityscape rooftops of Old Zürich.

 Great crossbow stretches background from the winner's wreath of these olden scenes, symbolising  "Champions of the Federal Shoot".

 Left sculpture, Venus represents fertility, the eternal growth in populous of the city. Right sculpture, Mercury represents industrious and commerce bringing everlasting riches.

Schützenmedaillen that well signifies the rich heritage of  Old Zürich city.



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