Emporium-Antiquities.com epitomizes the essence of exclusivity as a premier purveyor and trader of rare numismatic treasures. Within our curated collections lie a tapestry of world coins and banknotes sourced from the rich tapestries of Asian and Western heritage, alongside captivating exonumia artifacts. Our commitment extends beyond mere transactions; we offer bespoke, personalized services, specializing in estate collection appraisal and auction sales. Over the years, we have forged meaningful collaborations with both novice and seasoned collectors, guiding them through their numismatic odysseys.

Engage with us in a realm of possibilities where you can Buy, Sell, Trade, Consign, and Appraise a myriad of precious metals and numismatic marvels, including coins, medals, tokens, banknotes, stamps, postcards, and a myriad of other exonumia treasures, encompassing entire estate collections.


"Seller’s honesty and integrity was apparent throughout multiple transactions.  The delivery was prompt and the coins were every bit what we had hoped them to be. Great dealer; friendly, polite and genuinely concerned that everything went smoothly, he certainly earned my trust and I hope to do more business with him in the future." - Rpruett (Alaska).
"Excellent seller. Highly recommended. Coins are consistently very carefully packaged. It is always a delight to deal with Keh.
He is very friendly and helpful. A+++++." - D. Mullins (Ireland).
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