Emporium.Antiquities.com Participates at the Inaugural HongKong Coin Show, Mira Hotel from 19th-21st August'16.

Together with our Swiss partners, Sincona AG of Zurich & Marcel Haberling NumismatikEmporium-Antiquities.com had the privilege to participate the inaugural Hong Kong Coin Show (HKCS) held in the Mira Hotel Kowloon from the 19th-21st August'2016. We took the large J1 Booth (x04 large tables setup). 

All three of us partners enjoyed incredible success with non-stop customer enquiries and purchases across the different numismatic materials that we exhibit. And our booth was always busy and packed with people and we were working non-stop throughout the three days. It was truly fantastic! 

The Chinese market is especially vibrant and exciting and our European medals of all nationalities (ie Swiss, French, German, Japanese etc) and across all themes (ie Shooting, Exposition, Religious etc) was almost all (approx. 90-95%) sold out. The chinese buyers are naturally curious, and was quick to adapted to the exciting new materials we have, that clearly differentiates our offers from other dealers in the fair.

The customers' enthusiasm and willingness to explore these medals whole-hearted was truly encouraging and they are definitely very forward-looking in their view of the numismatist market, seeing and embracing the tremendous investment upside in these well-priced old Imperial & royalty kingdom type bronze and silver medals.

Also very popular, and almost cleared out, were the Swiss Silver Francs (we sold nearly 10 uncirculated rolls of coins, all that we brought to the fair) as well as, the large old Spanish Hispan colonial gold crowns (we brought approx. 50 pieces) and massive lots of the Swiss Vreneli gold coins (couple of hundred pieces). 

Finally, almost the entire lot of North Korean silver proof coins were all cleaned out, especially the earlier years of the older DPRK emblem, and all of the North Korean pure gold pieces from 1gram to 1/2 oz to the full oz. We also see an interesting uptake of Cuban proof and old pieces, from 20 cents pieces up-to crown size, and they were all quickly snapped up by our customers!

Again, on behalf of Sincona AG & Marcel NumismatikEmporium-Antiquities.com will like to express our sincere appreciation and warm thanks, for all the overwhelming support, interests, and huge purchases by our Chinese customers! We will definitely there for the 2017 HKCS! Thank you very much!


Emporium-Antiquities.com will to work towards offering more of such pieces on web-shop. Please visit us often and make use of the -10% storewide discount code when you order! We look forward till the next HKCS 2017!



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