Emporium-Antiquities.com Joins the HKCS The 2nd Hongkong Coin Show

Fresh a very successful Singapore International Coin Fair 2017 (SCIF) held at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre (March 24th-26th), Emporium-Antiquities.com is privileged to once again participate in The 2nd  Hong Kong Coin Show HKCS held at the Mira Hotel Kowloon (7-9th April).
Once more, it was a truly bustling show, with tremendous excitement and interests from many collectors, as well as dealers, from all walks of life.
We occupy the large corner tables provided with 6 display cases, and we shared with our Swiss partners, the famous Swiss auction house Sincona AG, and the very well respected and famous Marcel Numismatik (Zurich). From the moment we started to setup the displays, we were happily occupied with non-stop enquiries and questions as well as active sales. The constant activities were breathless and rewarding as we look at the many happy faces, and many repeated customers who were with us in our first HKCS show back in August.
Again, the Chinese buyers and dealers were very forward-looking in the acquisitions of their materials, looking thoroughly at the wealth of numismatist offers we brought from Singapore.
We re-affirmed as per the last event HKCS Aug2016, Chinese and Hongkong buyers are actually big medal collectors, and they naturally snapped up many of the uniquely beautiful Swiss Shooting medals we brought. The associated Richter Shooting Medal Catalogue of a dozen copies were quickly sold out on the first day! In addition, many of our 1800's-Early 1900's French Empire medals were also quickly taken up by these collectors. The octagon-shaped old 1800's French Jetons were also a crowd favourite.
Besides these very popular medals, we also brought a closely curated files of silver coins. From these files, Old French Indochina were sold out! As well as, British Trade Dollars, Victoria Crowns and Dragon Silvers were taken quickly, almost 80% sold. There are many other coins which were well received such as the Dutch Crowns, and some Chinese Republican & Straits dollars.
On the Proof coins arena, we brought the North Koreans, and Cubans, which seems to be very appealing to the buyers. Especially the gold pieces were all taken up, and the 5 oz & 2 oz larger Piedfort Silver proofs were very well-received.
The whole experience tells us that the Hongkong & Chinese buyers are very vibrant, inquisitive, and desire unique differentiated numismatist materials, and the large number of repeated buyers convinces our Swiss Partners & Emporium-Antiquities.com that the HKCS will be a fixture in our schedules in the foreseeable future.
A Big Thank You to all our customers, we are humbled by your enthusiasm and will look forward to working always towards bringing you the rare and beautiful materials!
We truly enjoy the conversations and the friendships we have created across the 3 days!
See you soon!



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