Enjoy! Over 130+ Unique Numismatics & Curios Stock Up! With Almost 300+ Inventory of Total Items!

We are very pleased to share that we have currently over 130+ unique & rare coins, medals, curios, notes uploaded onto the Emporium Shop. In additional, some of these listed items have more than a single piece available. In total we have approx. around 300+ items within our web inventory today! 

We hope you will enjoy the shopping experience, and will constantly strive to grow the number of rare unique items, as well as their quantities! 

We will also be continually loading more of these beautiful numismatics onto the Emporium Shop. Please visit us often!

Thank you for all the customers that had done past purchases! We are really appreciative of your kind support!

We are very new at building this site up. Any comments or feedback? Please send an email @ emporium.antiquities@gmail.com. Thank you!



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