1852 Burma Konbaung Dynasty, Pagan Min Rule Silver Kyat (Rupee), VF/Rare! (#441). - Emporium Antiquities
1852 Burma Konbaung Dynasty, Pagan Min Rule Silver Kyat (Rupee), VF/Rare! (#441). - Emporium Antiquities

1852 Burma Konbaung Dynasty, Pagan Min Rule Silver Kyat (Rupee), VF/Rare! (#441).


We have here on offer, a 1852 Burma Konbaung Dynasty, Mindon Min Rule Silver Kyat (Rupee), VF/Rare!

"Pagan Min (21 June 1811 – 14 March 1880), was the ninth king of the Konbaung dynasty of Burma. Born Maung Biddhu Khyit, he was granted the title of Prince of Pagan by his father Tharrawaddy in August 1842. Pagan Min became king when Tharrawaddy died on 17 November 1846, with the formal title of His Majesty "Pyinsama Thangayana-tin Sri Pawara Vijaya Nanda Jatha Maha Dharma Rajadhiraja Pagan Min Taya-gyi". He married 18 times.

Pagan Min won the power struggle to succeed his father by having his rival brothers killed. His chief ministers Maung Baing Zat and Maung Bhein enriched themselves by executing rich subjects."

About The King Pagan Min:- 

"The Konbaung Dynasty formerly known as the Alompra Dynasty, was the last dynasty that ruled Burma/Myanmar from 1752 to 1885. It created the second-largest empire in Burmese history and continued the administrative reforms begun by the Toungoo dynasty, laying the foundations of the modern state of Burma. The reforms, however, proved insufficient to stem the advance of the British, who defeated the Burmese in all three Anglo-Burmese wars over a six-decade span (1824–1885) and ended the millennium-old Burmese monarchy in 1885.

An expansionist dynasty, the Konbaung kings waged campaigns against ManipurArakanAssam, the Mon kingdom of Pegu and the Siamesekingdom of Ayutthaya, thus establishing the Third Burmese Empire. Subject to later wars and treaties with the British, the modern state of Burmacan trace its current borders to these events.

Throughout the Konbaung Dynasty, the capital was relocated several times for religious, political, and strategic reasons."

About Konbaung Dynasty:- 

  • Place: Burma
  • Ruler: Pagan Min
  • Year: CS1207-1214/1837-464AD
  • Denomination: One 1 Kyat (Rupee)
  • Size: 30.790 mm (approx).
  • Weight: 11.6838 grams
  • Alloy: Silver (0.9170)
  • Vintage: Approx. > 164+ years old
  • Obv. Design: Peacock facing left, full display of feathers, Inscriptions
  • Rev. Design: Denominations within Wreath, Inscriptions

These Burmese Kyat (Rupee) have very low mintages making them very rare, and given their very high silver content, over the > 164++ years, a tremendous quantity has been melted, lost, destroyed or even stolen away. Few remains, in the hands of serious collectors today.

Circulated, this is still very beautiful example of a beautiful scarce and coin!
Feels & looks better in your hand! This unique & very rare piece can be yours today! 
Authenticity guaranteed for life! Fairly priced!

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